Children Wall Decorations : Peacock Room Decor.

Children Wall Decorations

children wall decorations

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Storia di un albero

Storia di un albero

Decorazione per parete, con base in legno. Il materale che ho usato e la pasta polimerica (Fimo). Anche questa decorazione e un'illustrazione per una storia, una bambina che con un semplice gesto salva un uccellino e un albero dal freddo dell'inverno.

Wall decoration, support of wood. The material I used is polymer clay (Fimo). Also this one is an illustration for a litle story (you can read it on my blog!). A child save whit a sample gesture a baby bird and a tree from a very cold winter.

dinosaur wall-pic

dinosaur wall-pic

Your child will love his room decorated with the Dinosaur Themed Wall Decorations. These removable, reusable wall fabric decals apply very easily to smooth clean walls. Only at!

children wall decorations

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