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Romantic Homes Decorating

romantic homes decorating

  • (decorate) deck: be beautiful to look at; "Flowers adorned the tables everywhere"

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romantic homes decorating - Jessica McClintock's

Jessica McClintock's Simply Romantic Decorating: Creating Elegance and Intimacy Throughout Your Home

Jessica McClintock's Simply Romantic Decorating: Creating Elegance and Intimacy Throughout Your Home

Award-winning designer Jessica McClintock, whose name is synonymous with romance, shows readers how to cultivate lush, delicate beauty and warmth in their own living spaces

From special-occasion wear and perfume to home accessories and furnishings, Jessica McClintock has created a lifestyle brand dedicated to romance and femininity—one that resonates with generations of women all over the world. Her San Francisco Victorian house is the epitome of intimacy and grace and has been featured on television programs and in such magazines as Victoria, Architectural Digest, Redbook, and Home Design. Now she invites readers into her home and shows them how to incorporate romantic elements into their own homes, without sacrificing their individual style or spending a great deal of time or money.

The book’s special features include:

• chapters devoted to each room in the house with innovative ideas for bringing romance and comfort into every corner, including outdoor spaces

• illustrated do-it-yourself projects inspired by Jessica’s decor using simple design principles, basic sewing and crafting skills, and a little imagination

• a private tour of the author’s showplace home—inside and out—through 100 gorgeous, full-color photographs, shot exclusively for this book

Jessica McClintock’s Simply Romantic Decorating is a blueprint for readers on how to indulge their romantic decorating fantasies with timeless style and personal flair.

85% (5)

Romantic Film 2 cap 2

Romantic Film 2 cap 2

South Pacific is a compelling entertainment. The songs, perennial favorites, are mated to a sturdy James A. Michener story [from his Tales of the South Pacific]. Combination boffo.

Mitzi Gaynor is no Mary Martin but there are millions who never saw the original Nellie Forbush [in the 1949 Broadway production]. Rossano Brazzi may be no Ezio Pinza but the late, great Metropolitan Opera basso profundo hasn't the global b.o. impact of the Italian film-star-gone-Hollywood. Besides, Giorgio Tozzi's dubbed basso has been skillfully integrated into the Brazzi brand of romantic antics.

The histrionics are effective throughout and of high standard. John Kerr (vocally dubbed by Bill Lee) is the right romantic vis-a-vis for Eurasian beauty France Nuyen, daughter of the bawdy 'Bloody Mary' whom Juanita Hall recreates for the screen. She's of the Broadway original and like most of the other principals has been given a vocal stand-in (Muriel Smith, but unbilled; Tozzi alone gets screen credit as Brazzi's ghost voice). Ray Walston is capital as the uninhibited seabee Luther Billis, recreating the role he did in the road company and in London.

Gaynor is uneven in her overall impact. She is in her prime with 'Honey-Bun' in that captivating misfit sailor's uniform, and she is properly gay and buoyant and believable in 'Wonderful Guy'. In other sequences she is conventional. No dubbee she, Gaynor's song-and-dance is essentially very professional.

Brazzi is properly serious of mien and earnest in his love protestations. The seabees are forthrightly dame-hungry; and there is enough cheesecake among the nurses corps to decorate the beachhead. Their treatment of 'Nothing Like a Dame' is standout.

From 'Some Enchanted Evening' to 'My Girl Back Home', it's a surefire score. It's probably the greatest galaxy of popular favorites from a single show in the history of musical comedy. 'Home' was originally in the legit score, was eliminated for show's length but, a favorite with R&H, reinstated into the film version.

All the other credits are topflight - the Alfred Newman baton, the Ken Darby musical assist, and all that goes with this $5 million spectacle.

20th Century-Fox/South Pacific Enterprises/Magna. Director Joshua Logan; Producer Buddy Adler; Screenplay Paul Osborn; Camera Leon Shamroy; Editor Robert Simpson; Music Alfred Newman (dir.); Art Director Lyle R. Wheeler, John DeCuir

Rossano Brazzi... Emile De Becque
Giorgio Tozzi... Emile De Becque (singing voice)
Mitzi Gaynor... Ensign Nellie Forbush, USN
John Kerr... Lt. Joseph Cable, USMC
Bill Lee... Lieutenant Joseph Cable, USMC (singing voice)
Ray Walston... Luther Billis
Juanita Hall... Bloody Mary
France Nuyen... Liat
Russ Brown... Capt. Brackett, USN
Floyd Simmons... Commander Harbison, USN
Tom Laughlin... Lt. Buzz Adams
Jack Mullaney... The Professor
Ken Clark... Stewpot
Archie Savage... Chief - Boar's Tooth Ceremonial Dancer
Candace Lee... Ngana - Emile's Child
Warren Hsieh... Jerome - Emile's Child
Francis Kahele... Henry - Emile's Servant
Robert Jacobs... 1st Communications Man
John Gabriel... 2nd Communications Man
Richard Harrison... Co-Pilot
Ronald Ely... Navigator

from Variety 1958

Rose Home Decorating Color Pallet

Rose Home Decorating Color Pallet

Ultra-feminine and romantic, rose is thought provoking and stimulates creativity. Lively and unpredictable, it embodies festivity, activity and magic. Consider adding rose to a room if you want to create an aura of glamour and mystery.

romantic homes decorating

romantic homes decorating

Romantic Irish Homes

Irish houses have a character and personality quite different from that found anywhere else. Quixotic, often whimsical and definitely quirky, they provide a sanctuary from the Irish climate, which is frequently grey, cold and damp. No wonder, therefore, that over the centuries Ireland's domestic architecture and interior design has developed a distinctive personality in which colour and vivacity are highly prized. "Romantic Irish Homes" presents 15 of the finest examples of these traits, each one of them distinctive and yet sharing the same native spirit. From vast ancient castles through sturdy Georgian manors to small farmhouses, the majority of them never previously photographed, the homes featured here offer a unique insight into the Irish temperament and an exploration of a style of decoration that, while adapted to meet 21st-century demands, still retains an historic integrity. Photographed by Simon Brown, "Romantic Irish Homes" is every bit as charming and memorable as the Irish people themselves.

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