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Clearance Wall Decor

clearance wall decor

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Bondi Spotlight

Bondi Spotlight

With the Denyse Schmidt fabrics due to arrive in Australia, I've been asked by some Americans to describe Spotlight to them.

I took my camera phone into the shop to give you a peek at my nearest store. Spotlight carries lots and lots of curtains and cushions and homewares like duvets and kitchenware. They also carrry yarn, paper, beads and general fabrics. They are sort of an all purpose craft and home store.

My nearest shop is Bondi Junction. This shop is badly in need of a upgrade to it's floor. Everywhere you turn, they've patched it with dayglow yellow tape. Rips in carpet? Throw some yellow tape on it. Loose floor tile? Throw some cardboard and dayglow yellow tape on it. The store has looked this way since I first started shopping there and the amount of tape is increasing overtime. I suspect soon they will just have tape everywhere. So the floor is really ugly. It's also quite dirty. I'm not sure it's ever had a proper cleaning.

There is an "American Handcraft Prints" section which for the most part carries quilting prints made in China. All of the bolts are labelled and tell you where they come from. This area recently got new shelves and is pretty tidy, but generally overflowing and hard to look at. The purple section in the middle shows you what it looks like. Other than that everything is on rolls laying on it's side. These get a bit chaotic. Far worse in the 'sale' section pictured on the lower left.

It's not a bad store for grabbing notions and general supplies, but it's very difficult to actually look at fabric and to see past the layers of dirt that have compounded over the years on the floor.

Other Spotlights are much nicer. Some remind me of Bed, Bath and Beyond when you walk in as there are walls and walls of duvets. Bondi is not great as far as Spotlights go.

I hope this helps.

Photos from my camera phone, so lower quality.

IMG 4332

IMG 4332

Wall plaque made from an old drawer I found in the IKEA clearance section, some paper I had lying around and some clearnance sale vinyl letters. Sold at a family auction to benefit my uncle's liver transplant.

clearance wall decor

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